My North Ayrshire Apprenticeship Journey...In Lockdown

My name is Katie and I've recently started my youth work modern apprenticeship with North Ayrshire Council.  

Friends sent me the application form for this apprenticeship at the start of lockdown and I was very anxious to apply because of the current circumstances. However, after a few weeks of contemplating, I decided to submit my application. Shortly after I was granted an interview opportunity that would be held on zoom. At first, getting on to zoom was extremely nerve wracking for me and it did take a while due to internet connection but when we finally got started, it went well. 

Our first week or so of the job was also held on zoom which was strange for everyone. I definitely did not expect this for my first job. It has been slightly disheartening not being able to go ahead with face-to-face youth work but zoom has been working well for us for the time being. I am very grateful to have secured a job in this time, however it is very different to anything else I've done before. 

The whole world is so different right now, for everyone, and it can be hard at times but it’s important to stay positive in these trying times.