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Money plays an important part in every aspect of adult life, and so it is worthwhile gathering the correct resources on how to be smart with your money. This involves researching and learning of any loans, bursaries and benefits you may qualify for and thinking realistically about the most effective methods to budget for you. Here are some quick money smart tips to start you off: 

  • Unsubscribe from unused subscriptions​/ share subscriptions with friends  
  • Buy used items where possible ​ 
  • Meal plan ​ 
  • Use cash opposed to card​
  • Sell old items ​ 
  • Put a side a small amount every month ​ 

Getting in contact with your local bank, reading books and asking trusted adults are a great method of actively seeking out financial advice for your unique financial situation. Hover over the hyperlinks below to get started on your journey:

There are also some specific local information sites that you might find useful

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