13 Ways To Keep Healthy

1 - Make time for you!

Whether that be to read, go for a relaxing bath, listen to music or to watch your favourite movie, taking time out to put yourself first is really important and allows you to focus on doing what’s best for you

2 - Have a healthy, balanced diet.

Its really important to eat well and stay hydrated, so drink plenty of water. Of course, the occasional treat is also a good thing, and after all, a healthy body will help a healthy mind- so you need to feed it well and treat it well. Good diet helps with thinking, concentration, decision making and healing injuries.

3 - Spend time with friends and family.

We know that we need to be around people who care for us and who can just “be there” when things are difficult. Remember who they are and make plans to see them

4 - Talk to other people about things that worry you

This is our consistent message- to make sure you keep talking to someone about your worries and anxieties- think about who that might be (friends, family, a teacher or trusted adult) or phone a helpline- ChildLine Is the UK’s free, 24-hour helpline for children in distress or danger - www.childline.org.uk 

Including their e-mail and chat service:


5 - Remember what makes you happy

When you are feeling ok and coping well- remind yourself what helps you when you feel down or stressed-what makes you happy- if you have some ideas about how to cope it is much easier to get on and feel healthy and relaxed- its like a “safety net”

6 - Get plenty of sleep

There is nothing worse than feeling tired and rundown all day- and trying to cope with everything when we can’t even keep our eyes open will only add unwanted stress. Sleep and rest are really important to help us think better and concentrate as well as helping our body re-generate and get stronger.

7 - Exercise regularly.

We’ve already mentioned those natural chemicals which get released when we exercise- they can make a physical and mental impact on your health- its also fun to exercise with a friend (and maybe exercise your laughter muscles too!)  



8 - Take up a hobby or interest.

Keeping your mind stimulated and learning new things will help it develop and grow- your brain is an organ like any part of your body and it needs exercise too.


9 - Listen to music or read a book

A good way to relax and let the things that are bothering you disappear from your mind for a while is to listen to music or read a book- quiet and calm is as important as being sociable and active. Lose yourself..

10 - Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Your body is brilliant at coping with all sorts of stresses and strains but it also has some limits. Sometimes the damage caused by misusing alcohol and drugs can affect you in the short and long term. Do your body a favour and avoid using them whenever you can. There are better ways to face what you are going through.    https://knowthescore.info

11 - Try yoga or mindfulness

If you’ve never given it a go- then try it. It’s really good for your mind and body –without being too strenuous. Yoga helps with stretching and your inner core strength. If yoga sounds too much of a step- try Mindfulness it’s all about living in “the moment” and forgetting all other distractions- you can learn to do it for long or short times but it really helps to keep the bad thoughts away


12 - Be kind

Honestly- it doesn’t take 2 minutes to be kind or say something nice to someone or send a thoughtful text or lift the phone. We all appreciate a kind word and it makes you feel good too. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself too- so important- don’t be hard on yourself- learn from mistakes and be stronger.

Visit the Kindness Rocks on our Young Scot website for words of inspiration!

13 - Know about your health and services

It’s a simple thing but take some time to find out what is best for you and how to keep healthy. https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/

Find out how you contact a doctor if you need to- and what other health services are there for you. If you know- then when you really need them or are worried - it might not be so scary to make contact with them

So, its really important to talk to and see friends and family as well as keeping a bit of time each week to yourself. Getting out in the fresh air and exercising can help clear our minds, or maybe you prefer to get lost in another world on page or on screen. However you do it, just remember its important to take care of yourself and stay healthy!