13 Ways to Calm Yourself

       Phone a friend

A text doesn't have the same effect as a phone call! It's way better to hear a voice and have a chat! It can be a wee laugh or a cheeky moan!

❷       Spend time with your family

It's important to take time out and just hang with the fam. Sometimes we take our family for granted but they are often the ones who stick by us when we need them most.

❸       Keep active

Sometimes it can be hard to get moving but even doing a little bit more can make you feel better.  It makes your brain release chemicals that make you feel good.  Do something with someone you trust and enjoy being with – have a game of football or go for a swim or just go for a walk. It also helps in distracting your thoughts so that you are not constantly over thinking!

❹       Have fun

I know this seems a bit demeaning to say but, it is super important! Do what you enjoy doing and have some fun.  Take time to make sure you can relax and laugh.  You don’t need alcohol or drugs they can  make you feel even more down or agitated– get your natural chemicals moving to make you feel better.

       Enjoy your holiday

Yasss we love a good holiday! I know it can be difficult to enjoy your holiday when you're struggling but, sometimes we forget how good it can be to have a break from school or work so remember to do something different and relax and enjoy the time away.

       Try something new

Summer holidays can be a chance to try something different.  It might be something simple like going on a walk or maybe trying an arts and crafts class or going for a swim.  Look at the Young Scot website to see what’s happening and give it a go


       Keep talking

If you are feeling down or things are getting difficult – remember and phone or email or go online and chat to someone else who can help.  Check out the information on Young Scot or last week’s blog and talk to someone who knows how to support youChildLine Is the UK’s free, 24-hour helpline for children in distress or danger - www.childline.org.uk 

Including their e-mail and chat service:


       Keep a diary

Make a diary of all the things you have done, people you have met and new things you have seen.  It doesn’t need to be for anyone but you and it doesn’t need to be complicated – however small – think of the best things which you have done. This is really good for looking back on and seeing the all the little achievements you have, because as Tesco accurately put it “every little helps”!

❾       Be a good friend

Call your friends and meet them.  We all need to feel cared for and wanted -so reach out your hand to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.  It will make you feel good too.

       Go to the cinema

Sometimes it really great to concentrate on something else for a couple of hours.  So go and enjoy losing yourself, make yourself laugh or cry or just smile.

       Listen to your music

Make a playlist for your different feelings – if you feel sad then make a playlist that will help you smile and feel better.  If you feel anxious – make a playlist of calming, relaxing music.  Do this when you feel ok so its all ready for those times you need it.

⓬        Have a bath

Have a relaxing bath with bubbles and put on your music. There's nothing nicer than a nice hot bath for a few hours! Super relaxing!

⓭        Doodle

 Do some colouring in or doodling and focus on what you are doing to distract yourself. You don't need to be the next Picasso, but as long as you're able to focus yourself onto what you're doing then it's all gucci my dudcci!


Here are some websites which may help with relaxing and reducing your stress levels