DYW Live and e-Sgoil

What is DYW Live?

DYW stands for Developing the Young Workforce.

We partner with e-Sgoil and provide DYW Live online sessions that support young people to develop employability skills, career pathways and industry connections. These include webinars, certified courses and virtual work placements.

How does it work?

Your teacher can sign up for a DYW Live session to be streamed in your classroom. Your teacher will broadcast the session on their smartboard and you can interact with the tutor and see any slides or videos the tutor might use. 

Young Scot and DYW Live

We lead two courses called Information Literacy and Money and Me. 

Our Information Literacy Course explores misinformation and disinformation, how to spot it and how to use the information literacy skills needed to challenge it.

Our Money and Me course brings together all of our information from the Money and Me campaign with activities to help you practice budgeting, think about saving and discuss other issues such as payday loans and pensions.  

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What is e-Sgoil?

You can also find e-Sgoil courses to attend in your own time. They provide a variety of webinars and live streams to attend including an exam study support programme where you can work with teachers online to prepare for your exams after school, ask questions and practice difficult concepts. 

Find out more about our Young Scot Schools programme on our information page.