A Guide to Signing Up for #YSNext

#YSNext is Young Scot's ‘next steps to employment’ package of support for young people aged 16-25 inclusive, living in Scotland who are not in education, ongoing training or employment.

It’s designed to support you to develop new skills, make everyday living easier, and promote health and wellbeing.

What You Need to Sign Up

If you're 16- 25 inclusive, living in Scotland, and not currently in education, training or employment, you're eligible for the #YSNext package.

To sign-up you'll need:

Filling Out the Application Form

To begin, first fill out the application form:

Apply for  the Young Scot #YSNext Employment Package

After you have filled in the form, your trusted person will be contacted to confirm your eligibility.

More Information

Find out more about Young Scot's Employment Package, #YSNext, on our campaign page.