Your Results FAQs Answered

This year, there have been big changes to the way we do a lot of things because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Getting your results is no different and naturally, you probably have a lot of questions. We've got the answers to some of the big ones below.

How are my grades decided?

2021 grades will are awarded based on teacher estimates and a quality assurance procedure which is overseen by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

Teachers will gather as much evidence of pupil's understanding of the course as possible. For example, within an English Higher course, a pupil will have to demonstrate their understanding of

  • Writing
  • Critical essay
  • Scottish text
  • Reading for understanding, evaluation and analysis

Once teachers have decided on an estimated grade, the quality assurance procedure begins. This is where teachers within the same school will sample and check each other's work. Local authorities will also sample their work. Finally, the SQA will carry out spot checks on some schools. 

Final estimations will be submitted to the SQA by Friday 18th of June. 

More information about the appeals process will be published on Friday 11th of June.

How will I get my results?

You will receive your results by post on 10th August 2021.

You can sign up to MySQA here in order to receive your results by text or email.

What if I'm not happy with my results?

If you think the result that you are awarded isn't right, you may be able to appeal.

For 2021 results, The SQA are setting up a free and direct appeals process for anyone who wishes to appeal a grade. Grades can be appealed on the following grounds:

  • an appeal against the academic judgement made
  • an appeal against an unresolved administrative error
  • an appeal on grounds of discrimination where:
    • there has been a breach of the Equality Act 2010 (which must have been either acknowledged by your school, college or training provider or established by a court or the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman), or
    • your school, college or training provider failed to provide agreed Assessment Arrangements.

More information about the 2021 appeals process will be released on Friday 11th June. 

You can contact SQA as a candidate by completing an enquiry form.

You can contact SQA regarding general enquiries by calling them on 0345 279 1000 or by completing an enquiry form.

If you didn’t get the results you expected, you can also speak to a Skills Development Scotland advisor about your options. Whether that be college or university, taking on an apprenticeship, getting work experience or going straight into employment.

How do I go through clearing?

If you haven't accepted any offers for university or college, you can use Clearing to find a course that's right for you. Universities and colleges use it to fill any places they still have on their courses. 

It is open between 6th July and 20th October and you can sign in to UCAS to use the service.

The UCAS search function will help you look for a course that has a space you want to apply for.

You can use Clearing if:

  • you’re applying after 30th June
  • you didn’t receive any offers (or none you wanted to accept)
  • you didn’t meet the conditions of your offers
  • you've paid the multiple-choice application fee of £25
  • you’ve declined your firm place using the ‘decline my place’ button in Track

UCAS has more information you will need about what clearing is and what you need to do to apply for a course through it.

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