Young People Tell us Why They’re Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine

Have you not got round to organising your vaccine appointment yet? Unsure about whether to get it? Or looking for more information first?

Read on to about the experiences of other young people who have been vaccinated, or are planning to, and why they chose to do so.


"I got the vaccine mainly due to my line of work. I work part-time as a healthcare cleaner in a hospital, so especially last year I was constantly faced with patients who had come in with COVID. After co-workers testing positive, I knew it was important for me to be vaccinated to protect my friends, family, and patients. The three family members I live with also contracted COVID at the beginning of this year, with my mum being hospitalised and now living with long COVID. I would encourage all young people who are eligible to get the vaccine. It is not only to protect yourself but your friends and family too."

We as young people are not exempt from catching the virus, so it is so important to try and keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.


"In my opinion, the vaccine is the only thing that will slow down the global spread of the virus. Getting the vaccine was a choice I made to support this and make sure I do my part to stop COVID from hurting more people. It was less about my personal benefits (travel possibilities, not taking as many COVID tests) but more about the decreased risk a fully vaccinated person poses on spreading the virus."

I thought especially about my granny, who has problems with her lungs and would likely struggle if she got COVID.

"So, I got the vaccine partly because I felt it was my responsibility as a citizen to help stop the spread of the virus and partly cause I want to keep the people around me safe and healthy."


"I became a volunteer at my local vaccination centre in February, through this role I got vaccinated."

Getting the vaccine helped me feel more comfortable being around large groups of people whilst volunteering.

"Also to help protect my friends and family. Hearing other people’s experiences about getting the vaccine that I knew and trusted helped me feel more at ease in getting the vaccine."


"I decided to get the vaccine to protect myself against having a fatal case of COVID-19, but also to potentially protect from spreading it to others."

I got it to help lessen the strain on NHS Scotland by preventing younger people with bad cases of COVID-19 having to go to hospitals.

"I'd encourage young people to take up the vaccine - if currently eligible - because it means protecting yourself and others from getting really ill if you catch COVID-19."


"I was given the vaccine as part of my voluntary work at the Mass Vaccination Centre in Dundee. I was really happy to be vaccinated as I knew it would significantly reduce my chances of getting COVID, and also protect my family from possibly getting it from me too. The vaccine works better if more people get it."

If more people are vaccinated, the closer we will be to seeing COVID being brought under control to a level where we can live safely and freely again.


"I got the vaccine because I don't want to endanger my friends, family or those around me by passing up the opportunity to keep them safe. A fifteen-minute trip to a vaccination centre is a small price to pay for keeping those I love alive and well, y'know? I'd encourage other young people to get the vaccine if they want to be able to meet friends, go shopping or do literally anything that involves socialisation this summer."

The virus spreads so easily that even one social event unvaccinated could have severe consequences for you, your friends or your friends' families.


"I got both vaccines because it's safe and the only quick way to get back to restrictions free Scotland."

I also really want to see friends across the UK and not worry about breaking rules.

"I feel like everyone should get the vaccine because it's safe, quick, free and the only way out of restrictions."


"Initially, when the COVID-19 vaccines were released, I felt that there was a reluctance to taking the vaccine in both the younger and older population. This reluctance was reflective of me too. However, now I plan to get the vaccine if it is available to young people below 18 years of age. I think that the vaccine plays an important role for society to return to near normality. Getting much of the population vaccinated should be an important milestone."

Moreover, the circumstances of people further abroad who do not have access to this important preventative measure make me feel very grateful to have the opportunity to receive the vaccine.

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More information

If you are over 18 and haven’t yet received your first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, or you got your first dose at least eight weeks ago, you can visit a drop-in vaccination centre in your area. Visit your health board’s website or social media pages for more information.

Want more information about vaccinations? Visit NHS Inform where you can self-register for a vaccination appointment.

Visit our Coronavirus page for information on COVID-19 vaccination, restrictions in Scotland and more.