F.A.Q's About the Young Carer Grant

We provide some answers to some of the questions you may have around the Young Carer Grant, including how the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is affecting applicants.

How much are young carers entitled to with the grant? 

From the 1st of April 2020, all successful applications will now receive a payment of £305.10.

Has the coronavirus outbreak affected applications for the Young Carer Grant? 

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the rules regarding the timing of applications have been relaxed.

This means if you apply after your 19th birthday, due a delay in relation to COVID-19, your application will be treated as though it was on time (e.g. Social Security Scotland will treat your application as if they had applied prior to turning 19).

Are young carers that are subject to immigration control able to apply for the Young Carer Grant?

Following discussions with The Scottish Government, The Home Office have agreed to not include Young Carer Grant on the list of restricted funds.

From April 2020, this now means young carers who are subject to immigration control (if you need permission to stay in the UK, for example with a visa or residence permit) you can safely apply for Young Carer Grant without fear of it risking your immigration status.

Why is the Young Carer Grant only available to young carers aged 16-18? 

  • Young people aged 16-18 are often at transition points in their lives as they move into the adult world. They may be finishing school, getting a first job, undertaking further study, or taking up new leisure opportunities.  For many young adults with significant caring responsibilities, opportunities may be limited by their caring role. The aim of the grant is to help young people improve their quality of life and take part in opportunities that are more accessible for those young adults without a caring responsibility.
  • Stakeholders have also made it clear that providing Scottish Government payments to under 16's through the social security system is inappropriate.  Making payments to carers under the age of 16 may put young people at risk of financial abuse and may result in some young people being pressured into a caring role in order to get the payment. 

How will young carers apply for the grant? 

Since the outbreak of coronavirus if you call Social Security Scotland you won't be able to speak to someone straight away, instead you can leave a message and they will phone you back. They recommend that you apply online, but you can still call the number below between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

Why will free bus travel not be available until 2020/21? 

  • It will take time to put the systems in place and pilot the provision of free travel to young carers. The Scottish Government have to be sure that a roll out of free bus travel will be accepted across the bus network. 

Why are you giving free bus travel to young carers aged 16-18? 

  • Free bus travel goes some way towards helping with young carers' travel needs for shopping, fetching prescriptions, staying on at school/college, and getting out and about for leisure and relaxation too. 

What about giving free bus travel to young people in full-time education? 

  • The Scottish Government constantly keep the eligibility criteria for the scheme under review and the current consultation will further inform this process. However, the Scottish Government are not proposing to extend eligibility at this time to groups other than young Modern Apprentices. 

What type of entitlements and rewards will be available for young carers? 

  • The Scottish Government want young carers to have more opportunities to make the most of their time away from their caring role and education. 
  • Young Scot has worked with a group of young carers to develop a scheme of tailored entitlements and rewards, such as sports and leisure activities. You can now find out more and sign up if you're a young carer and meet the eligibility criteria.

Will the young carers version of the Young Scot National Entitlement Card look different? 

Young Scot and The Scottish Government will continue to work with the National Entitlement Card Programme Office (NECPO) board and young carers to look at how changes such as a young carer identifier symbol could better support young carers. 

 Find more information on the Young Carers campaign page.