Working at the Scottish Youth Theatre

Craig Steele tells Young Scot about his experiences at the Scottish Youth Theatre.

The Scottish Youth Theatre has their HQ in Glasgow's old Sheriff Court. Craig Steele tells Young Scot what it means for him and all other theatre hopefuls:

"I have been with Scottish Youth Theatre for ten years now, which I have worked out, after just about draining a calculator, means that I have taken part in over 1000 hours of Scottish Youth Theatre drama workshops! And I’m lucky enough to have experienced the organisation from a range of positions."

"Originally an enthusiastic drama class participant, I then was a member of the SYT Productions team, followed by being employed as a Drama Workshop Assistant. Now I have begun the shadowing tutor training program, which will end with me actually becoming a Scottish Youth Theatre Drama Tutor."

My experiences 

"Scottish Youth Theatre has undoubtedly helped develop me into the person I am today. I’ve had the chance to work with dozens of talented young people from all over Scotland and other parts of the world. Young people from Dundee to Dublin, Kirkcudbright to Kosovo, all of whom have been great fun to work with, and many are still friends."

"I’ve met young people who think in a similar creative wavelength as myself, and others who have dreamt up ideas I could never have imagined. I can’t think of anywhere else where such a deep pool of young artistic talent exists than in Scottish Youth Theatre productions."

Drama Workshops 

"The drama workshops have helped build my confidence, develop my personality and life-skills such as the ability to talk in public, presentation techniques, team-work skills, and the ability to evaluate and criticise my own and other people’s works."

"And the best thing is that these extremely useful skills do not only apply to the theatrical world, they are just as important in the world of work."

"As a result of being with Scottish Youth Theatre for so long, I have experienced a wide variety of temporary rehearsal locations for the drama classes and productions in the past. Everything from damp churches, claustrophobic rooms with no natural light, and even a memorable incident where a roof in one of the rooms had collapsed the previous day forcing a quick relocation. Not exactly the ideal environment to be taught drama in."

"But no longer. Gone are the days when I had to walk around Glasgow for today’s allocated rehearsal room. Now all the various Scottish Youth Theatre activities are held in fully equipped rooms, customised to provide the best drama experience possible."

"This magnificent building is truly revolutionary, and is the only space in Britain which was custom-built for young people and performing arts."

"Furthermore, the building also gives scope for potential in terms of types of performance. As well as the studio theatre space, other areas such as the foyer, the courtyard for outdoor performances, and even each rehearsal space could be made-up into an overgrown jungle, deep-sea shipwreck, or any other location dreamt up."

Scottish Youth Theatre 

Scottish Youth Theatre is Scotland’s national theatre ‘for and by’ young people. It runs weekly drama classes in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow, open to anyone aged between 3 and 25. 

The organisation also holds an annual Summer Festival with a variety of theatre courses open to those aged between 8 and 25, and special projects across Scotland throughout the year.

For further information take a look at the Scottish Youth Theatre website.

More help and information 

Scottish Youth Theatre, The Old Sheriff Court, 105 Brunswick Street, Glasgow G1 1TF, phone 0141 552 3988.

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