Work Shadowing The Chief Medical Officer

Young Scot worked with Save a Life for Scotland earlier this year on a digital campaign to encourage more young people to say "I'll do it" and save a life through CPR. One of the opportunities through Young Scot Rewards was to work shadow Catherine Calderwood, Chief Medical Officer. Sam, 17, from Perth & Kinross and Sara, 16, from Midlothian were the successful applicants. Sam shares his experience with us...

work shadowing photo

My name is Sam, I am a sixth year pupil and on the 14th September I spent the day work shadowing the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland: Catherine Calderwood. And it was all thanks to my Young Scot card.

Following an early train down to Edinburgh, I arrived at St Andrew’s House where I nervously walked through the front door. I was issued with an ‘ESCORTED’ badge and I met with the other work shadower, the coordinator from Young Scot and Catherine Calderwood. In the morning Sara and I sat in while Catherine Calderwood discussed her schedule with her assistants. Next we walked down to Parliament and (after going through an airport scanner) watched First Minister’s Questions in which Catherine advises the Scottish Government on any healthcare issues. We had lunch with Catherine where she met with an upcoming Medical Advisor and we were able to ask her any questions that we had. Finally we were on a list of delegates who watched a Marie Curie presentation on how Catherine’s agenda fits in with Palliative Care (where we got a special mention). An interview with The Scotsman followed this, bringing an end to the day.

It was a truly amazing experience to get insight into a job that is so high profile and I have huge respect to Catherine Calderwood as she has a very difficult job! (Advising the Government, running the NHS and still attending her Antenatal Clinic fortnightly).

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