Why Your Smartphone Is a Great Adventure Tool

The smartphone is probably one of the best pieces of adventure gear we have now.

We've put together some of the ways you can utilise your smartphone in the outdoors.

1. It's a great torch

If you're camping or out in the hills you should always take a head lamp for safety but the torch on your smartphone will come in handy for a quick look at your map or searching through your bag in a dark tent!

2. Offline navigation

Downloading a map to your phone is a great way to provide back up to your paper version.  Apps such as View Ranger or Ordinance Survey will allow you to view maps offline. Most smartphones will also have a compass feature. Remember, your phone should be a back up to a paper map and compass if exploring somewhere rural and remote. 

3. Take some notes

If you're out discovering new places and something strikes you the notes app is a handy way to record what you see or how it made you feel.  Maybe you could use it to start a blog or journal about your experience?

4. Share your ideas on a voice memo

Similar to the notes app, use your voice memo to record your experience and the great ideas you have for your next trip or adventure!

5. Document your adventure with your camera

Your phone is a great way to capture those unforgettable moments and turn them into an amazing adventure story. Most current smartphones have fantastic cameras so remember to use it and share the amazing sights you have seen.