Why Choose Erasmus+?

Whether you’re a student, an apprentice, a trainee, or just looking for an opportunity to volunteer or work abroad, you have (hopefully) heard of Erasmus+...

If you haven’t, here’s a quick explanation…

Erasmus+ is the EU programme for education, training, youth and sport. It offers opportunities for Scottish & UK participants to study, work, volunteer, teach or train abroad.

So why should you apply?

You might have heard your teacher, lecturer or trainer talk about why you should spend time abroad, but on GlobeScotters we would rather hear it from young people who have actually done it. Here are some testimonials that we hope will inspire you… 

Gillian Young, a student of Applied Biomedical Science at Robert Gordon University studied abroad in Universite d’Auvergne, Clermont Ferrand, France:

Being pushed out of my comfort zone truly showed me what kind of individual I can be (cheesy I know!). I really enjoyed working in the Neuro-dol laboratory in France. I felt I was properly contributing to the scientific community – I’ve been told to look out for my name on a paper some day! I was so pleased to get an A for my overall research project, because it always worried me that being in a different country would put me at a disadvantage compared to my peers who stayed in Aberdeen – obviously it’s not the case!

Edinburgh University Modern Languages student who studied at University of Bologna, Italy:

You undergo tremendous change and upheaval when you relocate abroad.  It’s by no means easy; it's far different from travelling, or going on holiday. However, after nine months I’d come to love Bologna so much that I didn't want to leave. I’ve learnt an enormous amount about myself since being away, and would recommend a foreign exchange to anyone.

Marc Beaton, a hairdressing student at West Lothian College, took up a work placement in Portugal:

The Erasmus+ experience was one of the best experiences of my life, I’ve never had an opportunity like it before. I feel like this project has vastly improved my chances of getting a job, there’s no question about it, I feel like employers would like to see that on your CV. I also think I’ve changed because of this experience in a good way. It’s opened my eyes up to the world. Before this I wasn’t too culturally aware and I’m now a more, well-rounded person.

Chemistry student at Edinburgh University who studied at the University of Alicante, Spain:

A year on Erasmus+ is a great thing to have to boost your CV.  If you want to show a clear demonstration of an international mind-set, language ability and independence, you will immediately have one up on similar applicants who stayed at home. I can honestly say that my Erasmus+ placement was the best year of my life and urge people to leap at the opportunity to go themselves.

Jackie, a student of an SVQ in Business Administration, worked in Sweden:

I’d started doing my Business Administration SVQ and I was told about Swedish work placements which were coming up. I was quite interested in Sweden, and applied for one straight away. I went through the interview process and I was lucky enough to be chosen. I absolutely loved the experience, to see how other people worked with people in recovery and getting involved in a bed and breakfast which was run as a social enterprise.

Edinburgh University student of Pharmacology who studied at Leiden University in The Netherlands:

Whilst you will undoubtedly have a huge amount of fun, you will also be enhancing your academic profile; what stands out in a competitive job market is this kind of international experience. My time studying at the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) helped me to receive a PhD fellowship to continue my research at the National University of Singapore and has given me many more travelling opportunities!

The Erasmus+ programme is a partnership between British Council and Ecorys UK. For details on the opportunities available check out the Erasmus+ website.

This post was adapted from testimonials featured on Erasmus+ stories.

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