Who Are Food Standards Scotland?

Food Standards Scotland are here to help us all make informed choices about what and where to eat, keep us safe, and encourage a healthy diet. Check out this introduction to learn what Scotland’s public sector agency for food and drink does to put consumers (like you!) first.

Food Standards Scotland's number one goal is to protect consumers, making sure food is safe to eat.

They want you to know exactly what you’re eating and promote good health and think it’s important that Scotland’s food and drink industry benefits and protects us all, and is something we can trust!

They're are also here to help everyone in Scotland eat a healthy, balanced diet. To do that, they offer advice that supports us all to make good food choices – both at home and on the go.

Food Standards Scotland is part of the Scottish Administration. That means they work alongside, but are separate from, The Scottish Government.

Put simply – Food Standards Scotland are the independent public body for food in Scotland: here to help you make informed choices about food, so we always put your best interests, as a consumer, at the heart of what we do.

Visit the Food Standards Scotland website to find out more.

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