What's up with Erections?

Lots of guys worry about their erections - especially during early teenage years when they seem to happen really regularly. 

Why do erections happen?

If we're having sexual thoughts, touching ourselves or being touched in a sexual way, getting a stiffie is no real surprise.

So what's with all the other erections that seem to come out of nowhere?

The short answer is nobody really knows. But don't worry - it happens to just about everybody (usually when you least want one).

All you can do is try your best to hide it - cross your legs, turn your back, fold your arms in your lap - and try to think about something else (try reciting the 12 times table in your head).

What if my erection's not straight?

All erect penises have a slight curve and they can bend to one side by up to 30 degrees without causing any problems.

If it's very bent or you're worried about it, speak to your doctor.

You can ask to see a male doctor if you prefer.

How big should my erect penis be?

The average penis size for a fully-grown man is 13-15cm when erect (5-6 inches).

How big is big enough?

It's a myth that men with bigger willies satisfy their partners more.

Good communication between partners and how you treat each other before, during and after sex is far more important.

Having a massive penis helps with exactly none of that.