What to Do If You Don't Celebrate Christmas

If you don't celebrate Christmas, it can feel impossible to get away from at this time of year. Have a look below for some ideas on how to cope amidst the festive fever.

1. Shop Without Stress

Here's a tip: most shops don't wait until after Christmas to lower their prices but now do it before. Whilst most other people are running around looking for last minute presents, why not take advantage of the discounts and treat yourself. Don't forget your Young Scot card for discounts in all these amazing places.

2. Get Outdoors

Christmas day is often eerily quiet outside as most people are indoors. Why not take advantage of the peace and quiet, grab the dog, and head out for an extra long walk.

3. Volunteer

If Christmas isn't your thing, why not try and make someone else's festive season special. A lot of people get lonely over the holidays. If you've not got much planned, you could volunteer and spend some time with someone on their own or help serve Christmas dinner at a homeless shelter. Find out more about the benefits of volunteering.

4. Don't Feel Bad

Even though it might seem like Christmas is everywhere at this time of year, you shouldn't feel pressured into celebrating if you don't want to. Many people in Scotland focus on the cultural aspects of the holiday opposed to the religious part. Don't feel you have to justify not getting involved.

5. Create New Traditions

For many people, Christmas is all about traditions that people enjoy year after year. Many of the current traditions are relatively new and constantly evolving. If you don't get involved with traditional Christmas things such as eating turkey or giving gifts, why not make your own? If you fancy binge-watching The Hunger Games films or baking cupcakes or eating pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner every December 25th, that's absolutely fine.

6. Plan a Day With Friends

If you know other people who don't celebrate Christmas, why not meet up with your friends and not-celebrate together?