What to Do If Things Go Wrong on Holiday

Sometimes holidays don't quite go to plan - but the best thing you can do is be prepared! Get the info on what to do if things go wrong when you are on holiday.

You get sick on holiday

Before you go away: If you're travelling within Europe you should get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This should give you access to healthcare in European countries at a reduced cost or in some cases for free. This doesn’t mean you can travel without insurance however, as it doesn’t cover everything - you should always get travel insurance no matter where you are travelling, in case you get into an accident. Insurance can save on huge medical bills (especially in places like America).

When you're there: Know the local emergency numbers of the country you are in. If you have taken out travel insurance, your provider should give you an international number to call and they will help arrange the right medical treatment. You can also contact your local British Consulate for help as they can offer practical advice, help and support with things like finding a local doctor. If you have a travel rep you can talk to them for advice.

You get into legal trouble

Before you go away: Read up on local laws and customs of the place you're going to. Something that may be commonplace at home can be illegal in other countries, so make sure you know as much as you possibly can to prevent getting into trouble.

When you're there: If you're arrested or detained for any reason, it's important to remain calm and co-operate with the authorities. Insist that the British Consulate is told - this is your right as a British national. Get in touch with the British Consulate and give them as much information as possible about your situation. They will be able to tell your family or friends that you’ve been arrested or detained.

Your hotel doesn’t have your reservation

Before you go away: If you booked online, print out your confirmation email. It may be best to book the hotel through a travel agent as they'll be able to sort out issues on your behalf. Also, if you can pay for at least one night in advance this should mean the hotel should have a record of the credit/debit card transaction at least. Also – phone up in advance of your holiday to double check your booking has been made.

When you're there: Show the receptionist the print out of your booking to show you have reserved a room – this can help as it may even just be a case of them misspelling your name by accident. Ask if you can get put into another room at the hotel. If this isn’t possible ask them to book you another one – you can inquire about transportation costs being paid back if you had to travel.

Your flight is cancelled

Before you go: Find out if any strikes are due to take place in the country you are flying to or from and also make sure you read up on the weather as delays and cancellations can be made due to storms. You can also visit the airline website and see if there have been any issues with flights during the last few days leading up to your holiday.

When you're there: If your flight is cancelled you will most likely be put onto another flight. If you no longer want to fly you can get a full refund on the cost of your flight. An airline is liable to pay for the cost of a hotel until a replacement flight is provided. Should your airline advise you to buy your own food and accommodation, keep all receipts, and keep costs to a minimum, before making a claim when you get back to Britain.

You lose your money

Before you go: The best thing to do is to get a mix of money, travellers cheques and take your card, meaning if you lose your cash, you’ll still have some money left to spend. It’s worth checking whether travellers cheques are accepted where you are going, and if there is an ATM.

When you're there: If money gets stolen – report it to the police straight away and get a copy of the report. If travellers cheques are stolen, phone the emergency number on the cheque receipts and report them missing. You should get replacement cheques within 24 hours. If your card gets stolen, phone your bank immediately. Replacements for lost cards should also take about 24 hours and your card issuer may be able to make you an emergency cash advance. Tell your travel insurer about loss or theft as soon as possible.

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