What Should I Do about My Pubic Hair?

What makes it grow, what's it for and what should you do with it?

Where does pubic hair come from?

When we hit puberty, levels of hormones in our bodies change.

In particular, levels of the male hormone testosterone increase sharply. This is what makes us start growing hair in our armpits and groin.

What's pubic hair for?

Why this new hair growth should - for girls at least - be confined to pits and personal bits is difficult to know.

There's some suggestion hair helps trap special chemicals in sweat called pheromones.

These chemicals may have a role to play in attracting sexual partners.

What should I do with my pubic hair?

That's entirely up to you.

The easiest choice is just to let it grow.

So long as you keep washing carefully, it's really no dirtier to have hair than it is to have none. Plus, having a little hair down there helps protect the skin and stops chafing.

Some people choose to trim to keep it short and keep the edges neat, others prefer total baldness.

Be careful. If you use the wrong product in the wrong way, or in the wrong place, and you could end up in serious discomfort.

If you choose to remove hair, be sure to check out hair removal options.

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