What Not to Say to Your Friends on Exam Results Day

Try to avoid a fall out with your friends on exam results day by reading our advice on what not to say...

1. "I didn't even study and I got all As"

Either this is true and you're naturally academic... or you're just saying this to look good (when in reality you spent weeks revising). Either way, it's really not a great thing to say, especially if your friends studied really hard and didn't get the grade they wanted. 

2. “Oh no, what are you going to do now? Your life is basically over!”

Your friend didn't get the grades they needed for the course they wanted. They will be feeling quite bad and will need some support from you. The last thing they need is for you to tell them their life is over. Talk to them about the other options available to them, where they can get help and support and some inspirational people who made their success in other ways.

3. “Can you stop telling me how happy you are with your results and just wallow in misery with me?"

It can be really hard if all your mates have done well and you haven't got the results you wanted. But you need to make sure you let them know you're proud of them, even if you haven't done as well as them. Have a look at our advice on how to cope with exam results jealousy.

4. "Those exams were so easy..."

Everyone has different things they're good at. While you might think maths is the easiest subject ever, some of your friends might  really struggle getting their heads round it. Be considerate to everyone's different talents and don't go on about an exam being easy - especially if a friend has failed it! 

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