How to Take Part in the Clear Your head Challenge

We've put together 31 days of fun ideas and challenges for you to get involved with - all from the comfort of your own home. So, whether you're on TikTok, Instagram or somewhere else online, we want to see you sharing your videos and getting involved with the #ClearYourHeadChallenge!

There's daily Young Scot Rewards points codes up for grabs and you might even see some very familiar faces taking part in our challenges too... 😉

How does it work?

Every week, starting from Friday 1st of May 2020, we'll be sharing the next 7 challenges for the week ahead, and every day throughout the whole of May, we'll be sharing on our Instagram and website the details of each daily challenge and exactly what you need to do to take part.

  • Week One, Friday 1st May: Challenges 1-7
  • Week Two, Friday 8th May: Challenges 8-14
  • Week Three, Friday 15th May: Challenges 15-21
  • Week Four, Friday 22nd May: Challenges 22-31

But it's not enough to just tell you what the challenge is, right?

Nope - so we've recruited some very special helpers to take part too!

How do I get involved?

Whether you want to do all 31 challenges, a few of them, or even just a one-off - it doesn't matter - you can still take part!

All you need to do, is share a video of you taking on the challenge you've chosen to do - you can find all the details on each challenge on the Young Scot website, on our Instagram account, or by looking up the #ClearYourHeadChallenge tag.

We'll also be sharing our favourites, so make sure to tag us!

You can share your video on TikTok (, Instagram (@youngscot) or Facebook (@youngscot).

You can start Day 1 on the first of May with us, or later on! Whatever day you share your challenge, you'll still get the Young Scot Rewards points too.

How do I get Young Scot Rewards points?


Simply share the video of you taking part in one of the challenges with the hashtag #ClearYourHeadChallenge - you can even tag us on Instagram (@youngscot), and we'll send you a points code to claim.