What is Terrorism?

What is terrorism?

Terrorism is something that someone (or a group of people) does to harm other people - usually members of the public. People may be injured or killed when a terrorist attack takes place. 

Why do people do this?

It might be for a political reason, a religious one, or a prejudice against a certain group. But the main aim of an attack is to cause distress or fear.

Are terrorist attacks common?

No, events like those in Manchester are still very rare.

What is being done to try stop these kind of attacks?

There are lots of people working hard to look after everyone. Police, the government, MI5 and others all work together to prevent attacks from happening. And if you ever see something that doesn’t seem right, you can report it.

If you’re worried or anxious about the current events, it’s important to talk to someone about how you’re feeling. This could be a friend, a relative or a teacher. Or you could get in touch with organisations such as Childline or the Samaritans who are always available to help.