What is STEM?

Not sure what STEM is and why everyone is talking about it? We give you some quick info so you know what STEM is all about! 

What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 

Why are people talking about STEM subjects?

These subjects are really important to making the world a better, more connected place…  but lots of people are put off by studying them. They might think it’s too difficult, or not relevant, or will just lead to 'boring' jobs. But this isn’t true!

Why should you study STEM subjects?

STEM subjects are really exciting and help the world run every day! In fact, these subjects are so valuable, companies in this industry (excluding science) bring in over £127.5bn to the UK economy! So there's plenty of exciting (and high paying) jobs to be had. In addition to this, girls are typically under-represented in STEM subjects in schools, colleges and universities. Gender stereotypes are a major factor that contributes to these imbalances - you have the power to chance this by studying STEM subjects! 

Want to know more?

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