What is New Rules?

The story centres on Chelsea, a teenage girl excited about her upcoming school dance where her and her boyfriend, Jamie, have discussed having sex for the first time in their relationship. The two arrange to spend the night together at Chelsea’s. Her parents are going to be out, and he’s told his parents he’s spending the night at a friend’s house. Chelsea appears to be excited about getting to spend the whole night with Jamie.

Chelsea and her best friend, Becca, have a blast at the dance! Chelsea thinks the night is just going to get better and better as she heads home with Jamie. When they get home, Chelsea changes her mind. She doesn’t want to have sex with Jamie and she receives pressure from both him and her friend Becca. They say that because she’s not a virgin, having sex with Jamie is 'no big deal', even if she's no longer sure whether or not she should do it.

Having sex with someone is a big deal. Whether it’s the first ever time, first time with someone new or the tenth time with your current partner. Every time you have sex there should be 'New Rules' - each time, every time.

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