What is #iwillWeek?

We are celebrating the power of youth this year during #iWillWeek, which takes place from the 18th November to the 24th of November 2019.

The #iWill Campaign shines a light on young people making an impact in their communities through volunteering, campaigning, fundraising and mentoring. #iWill aims to encourage and empower young people to get involved and make a difference and make it the norm for young people to be involved with social action.

During #iWill Week, events and celebrations take place across the UK with leaders, organisations and young people taking to social media to celebrate this year’s theme #PowerOfYouth and the amazing impact that they are making in their communities, society and environment.

There are 38 inspirational young people aged 10 to 20, across Scotland, who act as #iWill ambassadors and are leading fantastic social action in their communities.

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