What is GlobeScotters?

As part of Scotland’s Year of Young People 2018, Young Scot partnered with British Council Scotland to bring you a site full of articles, videos, quizzes and competitions. Our aim is to encourage you to embrace the international experiences available to you at home and abroad, and to provide you with information to help along the way.

We know that opportunities to go abroad and learn about other cultures are important to you. British Council research from last year tells us that almost 70% of young people asked said international experiences and a global outlook are essential to achieving their personal goals. These are also important professionally, with the same percentage of businesses preferring young recruits who are aware of other cultures.

Open up the world with GlobeScotters!

We've focused on how to pick up soft skills, look for education abroad and looked at how international experience can benefit your future career prospects and broaden your international horizons. Hear from people who have found new passions, learned new skills and bagged dream jobs by embracing the international experiences around them. No matter what you want to do, international experience can benefit you!

With young people all over Scotland and the UK thinking about what careers they might want to go into, we’re hoping to inspire you to think about visiting, working and studying abroad.

For example, having skills in other languages like Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, French and German, is great for getting jobs and making your way in other countries.

But it goes far beyond that, because when you learn a new language you improve in other areas too, like reading, writing, communication and confidence.

It’s also pretty cool to be able to visit another country and be able to speak to people in their own language. Even if that’s just with a few words or phrases – it’ll make your experience so much more fun!

Why not start by figuring out which language you should learn?

Visit young.scot/globescotters for more tips and advice.