What I Wish I'd Known in First Year

Recent school leaver Emma Thomas tells us 9 things she wishes she'd known when she started first year.

1. Speak up

If there is something bothering you, tell somebody! Whether it is a teacher or a peer, they will be willing to listen.

2. Get into a routine

Revise a little part of something from each subject every night. Try out some studying tips and find out your study style to get the most out of your revision.

3. Be yourself

Don’t worry about what anybody else thinks because at the end of the day you can’t please everyone. So long as you're kind and considerate to everyone you meet you don't have to worry if you just don't gel with some people.

4. Don't leave it to the last minute

Try to do your homework as soon as you can so that you aren’t panicking when you do it the night before it has to be handed in.

5. Get mingling

It's okay to be nervous about making friends because everybody is in the same boat. Find out where you can meet new people and conversation starters you can use to get chatting.

6. Seek out opportunities

Take on as many extra responsibilities as you can, such as getting work experience or being a prefect, to help make your college, university or job applications stand out when you're leaving. 

7. Enjoy your individuality

You don’t have to copy everything your friends do, be your own person!

8. Don't be afraid to ask

After school classes are a great way to revise and work on anything that you were stuck on during class time.

9. Enjoy it

Make the most of high school because the time really does fly by.

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