What happens at a 5Rights Youth Commission residential?

Tristan from the 5Rights Youth Commission blogs about everything he's been up to so far!

Hi I’m Tristan, a 16 year old, just finished my Nat 5s, and I’m one of 19 young people aged 14-21 who are part of the 5Rights Youth Commission.  We are investigating issues surrounding digital rights for young people in Scotland. We have already had 2 meetings so far, and here is a summary of them:

On the first Meeting, our 3rd actual get-together, we spent quite a lot of time becoming closer friends. We thought it was important to make sure that, as a team, we knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We were also given a lecture by a guy called David Ferbrache, who was the head of Cyber and Space for the Ministry of Defence! From this meeting we thought that it was definitely time to update the computing science curriculum!

On the 4th and 5th of June, our second meeting, we met up in a Glasgow youth hostel. We were given a couple of lectures this time, as well as a team-building exercises. The main points we raised during our time there were:

  • How much does technology impact on your lifestyle, and how much do you rely on it?
  • The fundamental change of ‘How are you?’ to ‘Where are you?’ and other social anomalies created by the introduction of technology.
  • Are disabled people being given fewer opportunities in the digital world than other people?


  • Wow it’s really hot let’s have a barbecue.

Over the next few weeks we will be doing research around these topics and others, and will meet again at their 3rd residential to present our findings.

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