What Happened When Navya Work Shadowed Our CEO

We celebrated #iwill week last year with some fantastic Rewards opportunities! One of those opportunities was to work shadow for a day our very own CEO, Louise MacDonald OBE. Navya Saini, 17, from East Renfrewshire was the successful applicant and we asked her to share her experience...

When I first saw this opportunity, I knew I had to apply and I was of course delighted to find out I had been selected! I would strongly encourage every young person to take advantage of the Rewards programme which Young Scot offer, as there are always some great opportunities, such as this one, to suit all kinds of interests! 

Before the experience, I had a very basic view of what the job title of a chief executive entails, however by the end of the day I had learnt so much more and I could put real meaning to words such as "audit", "WIP report" and even "meeting" to name a few, as well as what it means to be a CEO of a charity which makes a real difference to the lives of young people in Scotland.

First of all, I had the opportunity to attend a high-profile meeting regarding YOYP 2018 at the Scottish Government office. It was interesting to witness all the decision-making taking place and especially the role of a Chief Executive in mediating a meeting as such.  This was the highlight of my day as it was a unique and wonderful experience to have at my age.

Aside from the meetings, I received an in-depth walkthrough of how the papers and emails lined up for the day are progressed. This gave me a real flavour of the some of the duties of a CEO, some of matters in them which were unexpected to me. An example would be the 'Realistic Medicine' proposal document which I later read to highlight issues which may be of interest to young people.

"It was a unique and wonderful experience to have at my age."

This would be something a CEO has to do on a day to day basis so not only was I shadowing, I got to experience one very important aspect of the job. In fact, it felt more than shadowing the whole day and I could almost feel the demanding and fast-paced nature of the job!

At lunchtime, I had the chance to have an informal chat with Louise where I found about her journey to become a successful executive. This was very inspirational and motivating; I would love to be like her and embrace challenges to come out as a winner.

Lastly, I attended another meeting with an internal auditor discussing the audit report about strategies for Young Scot for the forthcoming year. This was particularly interesting and a very different meeting in comparison to the earlier one. It reinforced the point that a chief executive is at the heart of everything from paying close attention to the smooth running of the charity and it's values to its place at a much wider level. 

Overall, it was an extraordinary experience to have and by the end of the day I had a much better insight of what the life of a CEO is like on day to day basis. I had taken away so much in just short span of time within a day that I could only touch highlights in this short blog! 

Finally, I'd like to take this opportunity to thanks everyone at Young Scot and especially, Louise for giving me this awesome opportunity!

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