What are the Scottish Youth Parliament and European Youth Parliament?

Find out what the Scottish Youth Parliament and European Youth Parliament do, and how you can get involved.

Scottish Youth Parliament

The Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) represents and advocates the views of young people in Scotland and aims to:

  • Offer young people in Scotland a collective national youth voice
  • Make a difference in society by increasing young people's participation
  • Promote a positive image of young people
  • Connect the process of policy making and development with young people
  • Be an independent and youth-led organisation free from influence where young people can give their views to policy makers without hindrance, fear or barriers

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European Youth Parliament

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) aims to:

  • Build on the potential of young people
  • Strengthen skills including communication, teambuilding, trust and understanding
  • Provide an opportunity to work with young people from different backgrounds
  • Offer young people across Europe the opportunity to become active citizens
  • Promote the European dimension in education
  • Give students aged 16-22 the opportunity to participate in a practical, positive learning experience

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Find more information and opportunities at young.scot/europe