What Alcohol Does to Your Body

Alcohol starts having an impact on your body as soon as you take your first sip. While an occasional drink isn’t a cause for much concern, when you drink alcohol in excess it can take its toll and effect your body in different ways.  

Hover over the image below to find out what alcohol does to your body.  

Alcohol also impacts your appearance – from turning your skin grey to wrinkles. Find out what booze does to your looks.

Help and Advice 

If you have been affected by alcohol personally or know someone who has, help and support is available. Here are some organisations that can help.  

NHS Inform: Have links to lots of different organisations that can support you or someone you care about.

Al-anon: Provides support for friends and family members that are affected by someone else’s alcohol problems. 

Talk to Frank: Information about the effects of alcohol, the risks associated with alcohol and the law.  

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