Watch: 'Choices' The New Interactive Video

When it comes to so-called legal highs, what choices will you make? 

In this new Choices for Life video, it's up to you. 

‘Choices’ is an interactive video drama where you get to make Ben's decisions for him... as well as seeing the consequences.

Created by PACE theatre and Choices for Life, this new video lets you be in control.

The question is, what choices will you make?


*The links at the end of each video are currently being edited, so please use the links in the description to select your choice*

For desktop: select your choice by clicking on the video. 

For mobile devices: read the description and select the URL to make your choice. 


So-called 'legal highs' are now illegal. Possessing these substances with the intent to supply (sell them to other people), offering to supply (like giving some to your mates) or importing legal highs (buying them from abroad to be delivered here) can mean you can get up to 7 years in prison and/or a fine. 


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