Video Dramas: Dealing with Peer Pressure

See what happens to Liam, Sophie and Scott, as they experience peer pressure, smoking, drugs and alcohol for the first time and must face the consequences.

Together with PACE Theatre, Choices for Life have produced a series of dramas called 'Someday' which are all inter-linked. They tell the story of Sophie, Liam and Scott and focus on the struggles of peer pressure and the consequences that lead from it.

Sophie's Story

Sophie's dad has been pushing her to do well in school and when she and her friends are invited to a party that the boy she's fancied for a while is going to, she decides to go and has a few drinks beforehand because she's nervous.

At the party Ryan, the boy she likes, offers her something stronger, watch what happens to Sophie next...

Liam's Story

Liam is a talented swimmer and is facing a big competition, but he's questioning whether he should continue as he's missing out on having fun with his best friend Michael and is becoming jealous of Michael's new friendship with Jonny.

After the competition, Liam goes to the park to hang out with Michael and Jonny, where he discovers Michael has been smoking and is then offered a cigarette. Watch what happens below...

Scott's Story

Scott is a drummer and put together a band with his best friend Jamie. He's nervous for the upcoming Battle of the Bands and hasn't been able to concentrate due to smoking a lot of hash with his cousin Gordon.

When he keeps missing rehearsals and feels sick on the day of the competition, Gordon offers him some cocaine to wake him up, take a look at how events unfold...