Vaccine Information For 18–29 Year Olds 

From 24 May, people aged 18-29 years will be able to register online for vaccination appointments.  The online registration portal will be available until 11th June. This is a convenient way to register in advance so that you get your vaccination appointment, and so that the NHS can keep in touch with you. 

Register for a COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment

The portal allows you to register your details, and you’ll be contacted a week or so in advance of your appointment to advise you of the time and place. 

Find out the answers to some frequently asked questions below.  

Why is this being set up? 

The Scottish Government is committed to ensuring that everyone gets vaccinated against COVID-19.  In line with clinical guidance, this has focused on people who are most vulnerable to the virus, followed by cohorts of age groups.  It is intended that from mid to late June, vaccinating 18-29 year olds will begin. It is hoped that self-registration will help streamline the process as well as helping make it easier to keep in touch with you.   

Who is eligible? 

You are eligible to register for a vaccination online if all the following apply: 

  • you are 18 to 29 years old. 
  • you are registered with a GP surgery in Scotland. 
  • you’ve not already had your first COVID-19 vaccination for medical reasons, as an unpaid carer, or as a frontline health or social care worker. 

If you live in Orkney, Shetland or the Western Isles (Outer Hebrides), you do not need to register here. Your local health board will be in touch. 

What are the benefits? 

It’s a more convenient, immediate way to register and to receive alerts and information rather than through the post. It helps to keep your contact details up to date and make sure you aren’t missed. 

It’s also a great opportunity to help build and develop a digital option that could be offered to everyone else in the future.  

When can I register? 

The system goes live from 00:01 on 24 May 2021 and is open until 11th June.   

What do I need to do? 

It’s simple! Just visit NHS Inform and follow the on-screen instructions. 

How does it work? 

When you visit the online registration portal you’ll be asked for some basic information, for example, your name, address, age and mobile phone number.  You can also add your email address and indicate your preferred means of contact.  NHS Inform will get in touch with you with any updates and information you might need. 

What happens next? 

You’ll first get a text message confirming that you’ve registered successfully, and then a second one with details of your appointment. 

Can I choose my appointment? 

The portal doesn’t offer online booking, so you’ll be notified of an appointment time and date that’s been allocated to you.  This is based on the availability of vaccine supplies and staff, but if you can’t make that appointment you can rearrange by visiting the NHS Inform website.

What if I can’t make that appointment? 

It would be a great help to do what you can to make the appointment time and date offered, as NHS Inform want to get as many people vaccinated as soon as possible and have to estimate vaccine supplies at various locations.  However, if you can’t make the appointment offered, please rearrange by visiting the NHS Inform website.

If you are a student 

Most students will receive their vaccine appointment during the summer holidays. 

If you are a student and you're registered with a GP practice near your term-time address, the appointment letter will be sent there. However, by registering for your vaccination online, you'll receive your appointment details wherever you are through SMS or email. 

If you're spending the summer at home or in a different health board area, you need to phone the helpline to change your appointment location. 

For example, if you're a student attending the University of Aberdeen and you're registered with a GP there, you'll be given an appointment in Aberdeen. However, if you're spending the summer back home in Glasgow, you should register online to receive your appointment by SMS or email. After you receive your appointment, you can contact the helpline and ask to have the appointment changed to a location in Glasgow. 

Changing the date, time and location of your appointment within the same health board area can be done online. 

What vaccine will I be given? 

In line with current clinical guidance, you will be offered a vaccine appropriate for your age group.   

Currently, the JCVI guidance is that Oxford Astra Zeneca should not be given to people under the age of 40 unless they have already been given a first dose.  It’s therefore likely that you will be offered an mRNA vaccine such as Pfizer. 

You can find more information about vaccines and the vaccination process on the NHS Inform website.

What if I, my friends or family don’t have access to the internet or can’t use online services? 

The Scottish Government recognise that while smartphones are widely used, not everyone will have internet access and that some people may not be able to use smartphones or laptops.  You may be able to get access at a local library.

If you or anyone you know who is eligible but doesn’t have access or can’t use a smartphone, you can still register for SMS and email updates by calling NHS Inform on 0800 030 8013.

What happens if I don’t register or don’t want to register? 

While you are encouraged to register, you don’t have to.  If you don’t register via the online registration portal, your local NHS Board will send out an appointment to you via the post.  If you’d prefer this, make sure that your address details kept at your local GP surgery are up to date so that you aren’t missed. 

Registering via the online portal helps the NHS to keep in contact with you, and helps to book your appointment more efficiently. 

What if I don’t have a GP? 

You can still get your vaccination, even if you aren’t registered or you don’t have a Community Health Index (CHI) number (this is a unique number you are allocated when you register with your NHS GP). 

You should call the National Helpline on 0800 030 8013 and they will take you through the process.   

Find out how to register with a GP.

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