Using Your Young Scot Card Around Europe

Your Young Scot NEC is also an European Youth Card which means you can access the same discounts that an Austrian young person would get with their card in Austria or a Spanish young person would be able to get with their card in Spain. This means you can visit many great locations in Europe and take advantage of Young Scot being part of the European Youth Card Association!

Check out a few of the top attractions around the continent you can use your Young Scot card at this autumn!


Spanish Flag

Spain is a great place for a short break where you can enjoy a mix of bustling towns and cities, great weather and fascinating history. From visiting the architectural masterpiece of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona to catching some sun on the beaches of southern Spain, there is something for everyone in Spain over the autumn break! 


Portuguese flag

The small country of Portugal has much to captivate a tourist. From ancient castles to chilled out beach holidays, there are great options for different short breaks in Portugal. Try a famous pastéis de nata (Portuguese egg tart), or wander round charming cobblestone villages, Portugal will be sure to enchant you over the October holidays.

The Netherlands

Dutch flag

The Netherlands is known for its laid-back culture, stunning historical attractions and beautiful natural sights. Explore this famously flat country and discover the world in miniature at the Maduroram, or have a look at centuries-old windmills dotted around the country. For those looking for a holiday to explore culture and history, the Netherlands is a great location for an October break.


Greek flag

Live out your Mamma Mia style dreams, and visit the paradise of Greece. Filled to the brim with ancient history, local customs and traditions, Greece is a great place to catch some autumn sun. From exploring different islands, to learning more about ancient history in Athens, Greece has many different holiday options!

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