Trees and Bees

Trees and bees are vital for lots of different things in Scotland, including growing food, having clean air and water, combating climate change, preventing floods and encouraging wildlife. 

As part of Scotland's Year of Young People 2018, ReRoute gave away 2,018 free trees and packets of wildflower seeds to young people across Scotland. With #2018treesandbees, young people had the opportunity to contribute to Scotland's biodiversity by planting trees and wildflowers during this special year. 

You may already know that trees produce oxygen for us to breathe and help keep our air clean but did you know trees help us out in lots of other ways, from preventing floods to creating homes for wildlife.

Wildflowers are essential for bees and other pollinators - the insects that ensure our plants can grow and that we can produce food. Bees have been having a hard time recently due to pesticides, disease and climate change so they need all the help they can get! Lots of the flowers that we plant in our gardens aren't actually useful to bees, so planting native wildflowers gives them a better chance of surviving. If we help pollinators, they will continue helping plants reproduce, so that we can grow a large variety of our food such as fruits and vegetables, cocoa (chocolate) and coffee. Bees often have to travel long distances to find food, so planting wildflowers links up habitats, helps bees and looks beautiful and colourful!