Top Food Picks For Each Season

If you’re feeling inspired to start your seasonal eating journey, we’ve got a few top picks for some delicious produce that is fresh in each season. 

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Thankfully, Co-op have already written a great blog about the best food to get fresh in spring. Check it out for even more great spring suggestions! 

Spring onions, of course, are fresh at this time of year and make a great addition to so many meals. Try them in a stir fry, a pasta or a salad. 

Another versatile veg which comes into season in spring is asparagus! Great as a side or the star of the show, why not make this delicious asparagus filo rolls recipe for a tasty spring snack!  

Got a sweet tooth? Rhubarb is a perfect treat whether it’s in a crumble, a cake or a creamy syllabub!


It’s not summer without some strawberries, there’s no better time of year to buy in these delicious treats whether you’re snacking on them with some whipped cream while watching Wimbledon or adding them to a healthy breakfast cereal to add some flavour to your mornings! 

Another summer classic is fish and chips, and it wouldn’t be complete without some peas on the side. They are in-season all throughout summer making them a great go-to veg for this time of year.  


When it gets to spooky season, you don’t need us to tell you pumpkin is the ideal option. It can used as so much more than just a decoration though, or in a hearty soup (check out our recipe in our article by the way!), why not go for a sweet treat and try this delicious pumpkin dark chocolate cheesecake?

While you can get lamb all year, in Scotland you’ll get the best lamb from around autumn and through the winter when it is in-season. 

Another great hearty option for a classic scotch broth or why not try your hand at making a kebab?


When we think of fruit, we probably think of summer, and that is when most fruit is freshest. However, apples and pears are a little more resilient and stay in season all the way through winter making them a great healthy option this time of year! 

And of course, we can’t talk about winter food without mentioning turkey. The perfect food to make as the centrepiece to a festive feast, check out this Co-op turkey roast crown recipe that’ll definitely feed the whole family for a big get together!

For more information about eating in-season, head to our Seasonal Scran page.