Tips for Positive Thinking

Check out our advice for feeling more positive and ridding your mind of negative thoughts.

Boost positivity

Thinking about things that went well and why they happened that way can help us feel more optimistic.

Three Minions cheering and whooping

Try this once a week before you go to bed:

  • get a piece of paper and a pen
  • write down three things that went well this week
  • write down at least one reason why each thing turned out the way it did.

Banish negativity

It never feels nice when others put us down, yet we often do it to ourselves.

Lady Gaga saying "You have to stop"

Be aware of thoughts like this and don't allow space for them in your mind:

  • I'm rubbish
  • I'll never be able to do that
  • I'll mess up just like I always do.

Imagine it's a tiny imaginary person that's saying these things to you, take them between your finger and thumb and SQUISH!

You can also write down all your negative thoughts, then, rip them up and throw them away. 


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