Tips for Eating in Season

Interested in giving seasonal eating a go but don’t know where to start? 

Here’s a few tips to help you get going. 

Discover seasonal food

Whether it’s checking out the fresh produce section or seasonal aisle in your local shop or supermarket or heading to a farmers' market, there will always be a selection of locally sourced produce which is in season for you to browse. 

Did you know that you get a 10% discount with your Young Scot card when you shop in store at Co-op? Why not put it to use by checking out their selection of locally sourced, seasonal food? 

You’ll be trying out new things to eat and helping to support Scottish and UK producers in the process. 

Note down some recipes

It’s all well and good being aware of what’s in season and getting it in, but you need to know what you’re going to make. 

Thankfully, Co-op have a huge range of recipe ideas on their website, and we’ve put together a handy article with a few ingredients which are in season during spring, summer, autumn and winter!

It’s a good place to start to get at least one idea for each season.

Browse the Co-op website to check out their range of great recipes, they’ve also recently written a blog about why eating in season is beneficial! Remember you can get 10% off with your Young Scot National Entitlement Card.

Nutrition Scotland’s monthly seasonal food page also has some suggestions for recipes you can make throughout the year with the available ingredients. 

Get to know Scotland’s food calendar

Scotland has plenty to offer all year round, from strawberries in summer to parsnips in winter, wild salmon through spring and pumpkins in autumn. 

Learning what is in season when is a good start that help you start to plan what you can buy in and what meals you can make using ingredients available at a particular time of year. 

Food & Drink Scotland’s handy seasonality calendar lays out exactly when all of Scotland’s fruit, veg, herbs, meat, poultry, fish and seafood is in and out of season. You can browse month by month on the site or download the seasonality calendar.

Nutrition Scotland also has a calendar on their website with the fruit and vegetables that are in season in each month.

Find out more about eating in-season food on our Seasonal Scran page.