Things You Can Do to Help Your Local Community This Winter

No matter what the gesture, we can all do something nice to help someone in our local area!  

1. Keep your street safe

Have you got a grit bin near you, or have a bunch rock salt? Why not spread some on the pavements on your street to help out your neighbours! A fall on ice is never fun and can be really painful, and by doing your bit you can make your street safer to walk down during the winter months!

2. Help those in need

If you’re doing your Christmas shopping, or picking up some essentials at the supermarket, you might notice some places collect food and toiletries for local food bank. Why not buy a couple extra bits and pieces and help out local residents who might need some extra help this festive season? Check out  this guide to find out what food banks need.

3. Chat to your neighbours

Saying a simple hello to older neighbours and spending the time to have a chat can be a nice way to brighten up their day. You could also offer to give them a hand with their shopping if it’s too cold or icy/snowy for them (or if they just don’t have the time!).

4. Spread some festive cheer

A number of churches go out carolling during the month of December, and it can be a nice way to spread some Christmas cheer to neighbours! Other churches will be raising money for charity and might need help setting up seating, selling tickets or might need a few singers for a choir! So get in touch and find out how you can help.

5. Keep it simple

You don't have to do a charity mountain climb to do something amazing for your local area - the little things help too! You could clean up some litter (or make sure not to drop any!). Why not let someone ahead of you in the shopping queue if they seemed stressed out (or have fewer items than you) - we bet it'll make their day! In the busy retail months when everyone is rushing about, holding the door for someone is a super nice thing to do! Or you could throw some spare change into a charity bucket at a shop rather than have it weighing down your wallet. Any small gesture can have a big difference, and the possibilities are endless!