Things to Do at Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Whether you're social distancing, isolating or in quarantine due to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, there are lots of things you can do from the comfort of your own home!

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Take part in #ClearYourHeadChallenge

We've put together a whole range of activities and challenges that you can take part in and share your creations on Instagram and TikTok using the hashtag. Take a look at our resource for challenges such as #MakeItScottish, a five minute make up challenge, the keepie uppie challenge and much more - and keep an eye out for some famous faces!

Watch, stream & binge your fave show

There are so many streaming apps available these days we're spoilt for choice on good films or binge-worthy TV shows online. 

Learn a new language

If you've got spare time, this could be the perfect opportunity to learn a new language! There are lots of places to learn a language online, including DuoLingo which you can download for free from an app store.

Have you thought about learning Gaelic? Take a look at our dedicated Gaelic resource to help you get started or keep practising your existing Gaelic skills!

Game nights

There are loads of games available - whether it's on a playing board or a video game.

We're definitely excited about building in Minecraft and have our eye on that new Animal Crossing game... or if you're at home with others in the same boat, it might be worth cracking open a board game. Whether its snakes and ladders or chess it's a good way to pass time with others.

If you're curious about gaming but don't necessarily have all the kit or want to play yourself, loads of people stream themselves playing games. You can find hours of gaming content on Twitch or YouTube.

YouTube & online socials

Why not use your time at home to find your next fave content creator?

Or maybe you think yourself as a bit of a social media guru? Now is the time to create your own YouTube or TikTok channel and start something!

Keep the chat online

Keeping in contact with pals without actually being in physical contact is probably the easiest thing to do on this list!

Whether you're a FaceTime fan, prefer DMs or even something old school like a phone call, you can keep up with the latest chat from your friendship group easily.

Keep studying

Teachers might set you some work to do from home, you might be able to access classes online or you might just want to keep learning outside of school, college or uni.

BBC Bitesize has great resources for primary and secondary school students.

Chill with a few chapters

Reading lets you get lost in another world for a bit.

Curling up with a good book sounds like a good plan to us!

Things might be puzzling

Puzzles are another way of keeping your mind active. Crosswords, sudoku, and jigsaws are all great ways to spend time and challenge yourself. You can get special puzzle books as well as find loads of websites and apps.

Do the write thing

Think yourself as an author or just want to write down what’s on your mind? Then writing might be just for you. Poetry is another good way to express yourself and pass the time. Check out our poetry tips.

Music to your ears

If you have an instrument lying about the house why not try to learn how to play it? There are plenty of tutorials online for almost every instrument there is.

Don’t have one? Have a think about trying to sing. It may be embarrassing to start but you’ll quickly improve and gain confidence!

Work it out

Whilst trying to stay home, it might mean not going to the gym or even for walks to the park.

It's great if you have a garden to spend some time in but if you're feeling the burn for exercise, or just looking for a way to keep fit, try following an exercise regime indoors using whatever you have to hand.

Try something new

Why not pick up a new hobby? You could do anything, from learning how to bake, to building AirFix models or even knitting!

There are loads of tutorials on YouTube for pretty much everything - and there are a few things you could probably do with things you have lying around the house.

Spring clean

Why not use this free time to give your home a bit of a clean? You can reorgnise your room or move somethings around to keep things fresh. You might be surprised how rewarding it is!

Cook up a storm

You might already have ingredients lying around at home.

You could try making a new meal or spend your extra time on something that's difficult to prepare.

Fancy a treat? Why not bake some goodies for you and your family to enjoy?

Camp at home

If you’re fortunate enough to have access to a garden why not celebrate the great outdoors and build a tent right outside your door?


Take your time and work through any worries that you might have. Use an online guided meditation or yoga course to clear your mind and body of any negative things you might be holding on to.

You can even get your pets involved in yoga!

Find out more information about the COVID-19 Coronavirus and what you can do.