The Young Scot Awards Categories for 2020

There are FOURTEEN different Young Scot Awards categories – but what do they all mean? And how do you know what category to nominate someone in?

Don’t worry, we’ve got all the info below 👇

Young Hero

This is for the brave people out there. Do you know somebody or a group of people who have done something really courageous? Then this is the category to nominate them in. Whether they have fought through a tough time, helped someone else in need, or yes, even rescued a kitten from a tree, this is the award for them.


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This is for the people who like to make a difference in their local area. Know someone who is always trying to make people’s lives better where they live? Then this is the category for them. Whether they’re always writing to their local MSP, picking up litter around the area or helping out their neighbours, the community award is an ideal fit.


This is for the people who love giving their time for others. Know someone who is always spending their spare time helping people? Then the volunteering category is perfect for them. Whether they're balancing school or university with volunteering, have more than one volunteering role or just love spending their time doing something good for the world around them, this is where you should be nominating them.

Unsung Hero

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This is for the people who do amazing things that sometimes go unnoticed. Know someone who always puts others before themselves? Then make sure they get the thanks they deserve with the Unsung Hero award. Whether they're always there to help, have overcome a really difficult time or challenge, or you just want to say "thank you", this is the category for them. 

Excellence In Education

This is for the people who've worked super hard in school. Know someone who has had lots of other things to think about outside of school but still manages to keep up in class? Get nominating them in this category! Whether they look after someone else at home, have overcome health difficulties or come from a care background - and have an enthusiasm and passion for learning at school, college or uni, then consider them for this award.

Enhancing Education

Sponsored by Skills Development Scotland

This is for the people who make school, college and university an even better place to be. Know someone who puts extra time into their education then this category is for them. Whether they've set up a club, do some extra tutoring or try to make the classroom better for everyone, let them know you appreciate how much effort they put into making learning better with this award. 


This is for your local sporting star! Know someone who has overcome adversity in sport or put getting fit at the heart of their life? Get a nomination in for them! Whether they are a brilliant coach, are winning all the medals or have helped other people get into sport make sure they have a chance of winning this award. 

Health and Wellbeing

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This is for the people who try to improve peoples lives. Know someone who is working to make other people's physical and mental health better? Then this category is for them. Whether they're an aspiring doctor or nurse, support people around them with their health, or fight to improve the wellbeing of others, they are definitely the type of person we'd like to see nominated for this award.

Equality and Diversity

This is for the people who do their best to make things fairer for everyone.  Know someone who is always encouraging respect and understanding of others? Then this category is the perfect place to nominate them. Whether they've started groups to get people talking about their differences, helped communities that might face more discrimination than others, or have campaigned to make things fair and equal for people, then they deserve to be nominated in this category.

The Arts

This is for the creative folks. Know someone who is doing something brilliant in the arts? Then get nominating them in this category! Whether they help other people get creative, made a film/painting/play or something else that told an amazing story or run arty workshops in their community then this award is for them.


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This award isn't just for the famous but for the stars in our midst who entertain us every day. They might be the fresh talent, ready to explode onto the scene or they might be made for the stage. They could be a vlogger, an actor, presenter, a musician, a band, or a comedian. Scotland certainly has talent and we want to hear about it in this category.


Do you know a young person or a group of young people who give their time and effort to help protect the world for future generations? This could be related to recycling, global sustainability, ecology, plastic consumption or something else. Whatever they do, this award will go to a young person or group who are passionate about green and environmental issues and determined to make a positive difference!


Do you know a young person or group of young people who have demonstrated entrepreneurial flair? Have they harnessed their passion built their own business from their bedroom? If you know a young entrepreneur or collective behind a great business then nominate them for this one!

Young Scot of the Year 2020

No need to nominate here. All the fantastic young people shortlisted as a finalist in each of the categories above will be entered automatically into the Young Scot of the Year category - and win the overall award of the night.

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