The Five Best Ways to Meet New People

Starting a new school, moving up to high school, or just looking to expand your social circle? Find out where you can meet new people.

1. Join a Club

Singing in the choir, dancing, chess, sports... There's a good chance you can find a number of different clubs or societies to join at your school and it's a great place to meet other people with similar interests.

2. Look For Things You Have in Common With Others

Seen someone checking out your favourite book at the library or hear them listening to your fave band? Strike up a conversation about it! Many great friendships start off with finding common ground.

3. Study Together

Got an important test coming up? Offer to start a study group or enquire about joining one. You can bounce ideas off of each other and share your knowledge on the subject!

4. Invite Others into Your Group

Even if you already have a great group of friends, try not to be tempted to only ever stick with the same group of people and exclude others. Put yourself out there and introduce yourself to new people in your form or registration class as you'll likely be spending a lot of time with these people in classes.

5. After School

If a few people live in the same general area as you, why not start chatting on your walk or bus ride home? You could also find out whether anyone wants to hang out after school- if it's sunny you could arrange to play games in the park or if you've got homework from the same class you could head somewhere to work on it together.

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