Seven Tips on How to Survive a Music Festival

Leugh am fiosrachadh seo sa Ghàidhlig.

Whether it's Download, Glastonbury or Isle Of Wight, we've got all the survival tips you need to make it through a festival in one piece.

1. Dream for sunshine, pack for rain!

When you're camping in the UK, as much as we'd love to be bouncing about to our fave bands in the sunshine, it's much more likely we'll be singing under a storm cloud, so remember to pack your wellies and waterproof.

2. Pitch it right

In a sea of tents it might be hard to pick out your own at night, so pitch up near a landmark or attach something to your tent to make it recognisable. 

Avoid pitching your tent next to the portaloos, they won't be pleasant by the end of the weekend!

3. No need to lock up

Putting a padlock on your tent may seem like a good idea, but it screams out that you have something expensive to secure in your tent. Leave the valuables at home.

Why not bring an old pay-as-you go phone with you rather than your swanky smartphone?

4. Mind your measures

If you're over 18 you might be drinking at the festival, but make sure you take it easy - getting drunk in a busy campsite could be very dangerous. Plus, you want to remember seeing all of the acts you've paid for! Make sure to watch the measures you pour for yourself and that you are eating regularly throughout the day.

5. No pressure

You may see people doing drugs at festivals, but don't let anyone pressure you in to doing anything. Find out more about drugs and 'legal highs' on Choices for Life.

6. Beware of ticket touts

Touts may try selling you stolen or fake tickets, programmes or other goods, make sure to only by from official sellers.

7. Plan ahead

We know it's not much fun to think about the festival being over before it's even began, but it's important to make sure you know how you'll get home after the festival and that you'll have enough money to see you through the weekend and get home safely.

And finally, have fun!

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