Subject Choices and Digital Careers

There are so many exciting jobs to get involved with when it comes to digital careers – why not see if some of your favourite subjects can help you get a career in one of the biggest industries in Scotland?

The digital industry has lots of full time permanent and well paid jobs, so it’s well worth getting into.

Interested in Art and Design?

Have you considered a career as a computer games developer?  If you worked as an artist then you would help create scenery, objects and characters within the games you worked on, as well as producing concept art, drawings and storyboards when the team are at the planning stages. 

Or have you ever looked into becoming an animator? You would  help create games and cartoons by sketching detailed drawings, creating models or even 3D computer images to bring characters, ideas and stories to life.

Talented at Maths and Physics?

Ever thought about a career as a web developer? You would design, build and look after websites and web applications for customers in order for their businesses and websites to run smoothly. 

Or why not become a systems analyst? You would look at a company's IT systems and examine them to help make or recommend improvements. Again some knowledge of subjects like computing science would come in handy if you want to go down this route.

The Scottish Government aims to encourage, motivate and inspire young people to choose STEM-related (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects and courses. 

Love Computing?

A career as a forensic computer analyst would see you investigating cyber crime to protect people from hackers, thieves and terrorists. By doing this you would help prevent other people becoming victim to these kind of attacks. 

Or why not look at becoming a software developer? You would design and build computer programs for organisations, working on projects such as databases, robotic systems, mobile applications and more.

Like English?

Have you ever considered becoming a web editor? This is where you would write and publish articles for a website, also trying to figure out the best way to present this information to the audience you want to reach. 

Or you could work as a social media manager where you would use marketing skills and a knowledge of social media to help people recognise your company or increase the number of people visiting your website.

Want to get more information on some of these job roles, or find out what skills you need to get into these careers? Visit the My World Of Work website. Or have a look at the Digital World website for more info.