Student Safety Guide

Just started at college or university? Or still there? You might become a target for crime, so make sure you keep safe and keep your stuff secure!

This student safety guide gives you all the advice you need to help keep you savvy on everything about student life – from going on nights out to making sure you aren’t scammed online, as well as keeping your property safe – it gives you a lot of info on things you might not have realised otherwise!

For example, avoid putting your name and your room/flat number on your keys as this can lead thieves directly to your stuff…

…and by locking up your bike with two different kinds of locks, you can make it a lot harder to steal.

Why not watch Police Scotland's day in the life of a student video which goes through some top tips to keeping safe: 

Published by Police Scotland, The Student Safety Guide helps you make sure you have the best possible higher education experience by giving you the best tips to avoid being a victim of crime.