SQA Update: Revised Results & Appeals

Last updated 20/08/2020 at 14:29

Results in Scotland for the academic year 2019/2020 were issued on 4th August.

It has since been announced by Education Secretary John Swinney, that all pupils or students who received grades that were downgraded from the original estimate given by teachers or lecturers, will have their grades changed to reflect those estimates.

New certificates will be sent out by the SQA from 7th September with updated grades to any pupils or students affected.

This unique situation means that the appeals process will look different this year.

What do I need to know about the appeals process?

There are three circumstances in which your school or college can submit an appeal. These are:

  1. There has been an error within SQA’s internal processes for reinstating the your original estimated grade.
  2. An administrative error within the school or college lead to SQA receiving an estimated grade which did not accurately reflect the grade intended to be submitted, and/or
  3. Discrimination or other conduct contrary to the Equality Act 2010 identified within the school or college relating to protected characteristics, leading to the estimated grades being provided to SQA that did not accurately reflect the school or college's view following an investigation of the circumstances.

Only a school or college can submit an appeal on your behalf, so if you believe that you fall into one of these categories speak to them as soon as possible. However, these circumstances are likely to be very rare and for most students the estimated grade submitted by their teacher or lecturer will be final.

If you are appealing for a grade you need for university or college admission, a priority requests will need to be submitted as soon as possible and no later than 25 August.

Details of the conditional offer must be provided when making the request. Outcomes will be advised to UCAS by 4 September.

All other appeals must be submitted by 7 September.

Where can I get advice and support?

If you want to discuss your next steps, you can speak to someone at Skills Development Scotland.

They have a dedicated Results Helpline open Monday - Friday from 9am until 5pm up to 28th August.

Call: 0808 100 8000

Or, they also have a general helpline if you want to speak about career information, advice, or want to talk about employability support. It's open Monday - Friday from 9am until 5pm.

Call: 0800 917 8000

If you want more information, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of the SQA website.