SQA Update for National Courses: How You Will Get Your Results

Last updated 21/04/2020 at 12:49

Exams and coursework assessments in 2020 are cancelled but you will still get your results by 4 August.

How will I get my results?

There are 4 steps to how you will get your 2020 results.

Step 1 - Estimates

Your results will be based on estimate grades, which your teacher or lecturer will send to the SQA. An estimate grade is what teachers or lecturers expect you to achieve.

They will use their teaching knowledge and experience of how you have performed through the year. Your estimate grade is not just the result of one prelim or one project. It includes all the work that you have done across the year.

Step 2 - Awarding

The estimated grades, as well as any previous results you may have achieved, is what the SQA will use to produce your 2020 results.

Step 3 - Results and Certification

Results will be sent by 4 August.

If you sign-up to MySQAyou will receive your results by text and/or email.

Step 4 - Appeals

If you disagree with your results, you can speak to your school or college who will be able to appeal the result for you. This service will be free of charge and your school or college will be asked to provide evidence to support the appeal. 

This will then be reviewed by senior examiners. Your school or college will be provided with more information about this process shortly. 

If you want more information, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of the SQA website.