SQA Update for National Courses: How You Will Get Your Results

Last updated 04/06/2020 at 10:49

Exams and coursework assessments have been cancelled this year but you'll still receive grades by the 4th August.

How will I get my results?

There are 4 steps to how you will get your 2020 results.

Step 1 - Estimates

Estimates are now complete. All estimates have been submitted from schools and colleges across Scotland.

Step 2 - Awarding

A wide range of information including teacher and lecturer estimates, checked by schools, are being used to provide a fair grade.

To be as fair as possible SQA senior qualification and subject experts are checking and adjusting school and college estimates.

This is process is currently happening across Scotland. 

Step 3 - Results and Certification

You will receive your results through post by Tuesday 4th August.

If you sign-up to MySQAyou will receive your results by text and/or email.

Step 4 - Appeals

If you disagree with your results you can speak to your school or college who will be able to appeal the result for you. This service will be free of charge and your school or college will be asked to provide evidence to support the appeal. This will then be reviewed by senior examiners.

SQA will give priority to students who need a result to secure a conditional place at college or university.

Please speak to your school or college about submitting an appeal as soon as you can after receiving your results on the 4th August. To request an appeal for a result your received grade must be below your estimated grade and will require evidence to be submitted to support the appeal, your school will be able to advise you on this. 

The senior examiner will then make a decision. If it's accepted, your result will be changed to the new grade. If you required this grade for a college or university application, SQA will let the appropriate people know, for example your school, college, higher education or UCAS. A new certificate will be sent to you once all appeals have been completed for 2020, an exact timeframe for this hasn't been confirmed. 

If your appeal has been rejected, SQA will confirm either the original grade (or a lower grade), and this will be sent to your school or college. 

"We all want to ensure that you and the class of 2020 can hold your heads high, now and in the future, with your qualifications fully recognised as they would be in any year." - SQA

If you want more information, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of the SQA website.