Card Game: Solitaire

A fun solo card game to pass the time.

The Rules

Remove the jokers and shuffle a deck of cards.

Place seven columns of cards facedown as shown.

The first row has one face up card, the second has one face up and one face down underneath.

The final column should have six cards face down and one face up on top.

Place the remaining deck face down at the side of the play area.

The aim of the game is to reveal all of the face down cards and pile them into respective suits.

Cards can be added to the value just higher than them. They must be different colours too. Black can only go on red and vice versa.

Once a face down card is exposed you may turn it over and add it to another column or place it back, face up onto the column it came from.

When an Ace is revealed it is placed separately from the other cards. You may add on to these with ascending numbers of the same suit.

If there is no move to be made then you may draw three cards from the deck. Turn them face up. You may use the top face up card. If it is used you may use the next card underneath and so on.

The Objective

The aim of the game is to add all of the cards of each suit to the piles of aces.

To achieve this you must create piles on the play area of descending cards. With the King being the highest value and hence at the top of the finished pile.

Only Kings may move into an empty space.

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