Nine Tweets That Are So Relatable During Study Leave

When you're finding it super hard to concentrate

Avoid getting bored with these top 10 tips on how to make revision fun!

When social media is just toooooo distracting 

Here are some ways you can actually use your phone to help you revise.

When you try to inspire others

Here's how to respect your friends study boundaries and be supportive during exam time.

When exams haven't been your friend in the past

Here's how to banish negative thoughts and start feeling more positive! 

When you start bargaining...

Getting on with your teachers can really help your education - they can be someone to turn to if you're having a difficult time.

When you know you aren't studying in the healthiest way

Good posture is important! Here's some other ways to properly look after yourself during exam time.

When you have the best of intentions...

Here's how to get motivated to study.

When your studying technique is... unique

Here's where to actually get some help revising.

When your fave show is back on TV

Here's how to make the most out of binge-watching - after you've finished your exams!

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