Smoking: The Myths

We sort out the myths from the facts when it comes to smoking...

Myth: smoking makes me look cool. Fact: smoking gives you yellow nails and bad breath... so not attractive. Myth: only old people get smoking related diseases. Fact: you're three times more likely to suffer from shortness of breath than someone your age that doesn't smoke. Myth: smoking keeps me slim. Fact: nicotine might suppress your appetite slightly but the best way to maintain a healthy weight is to keep active and eat well. Myth: everyone my age smokes. Fact: the number of 13-15 year olds smoking is at its lowest level since 1982. So not really everyone. Myth: Smoking shisha tobacco through a hookah is healthier than smoking regular cigarettes. Fact: shisha tobacco is actually more harmful than regular cigarettes and Smoking a hookah means you inhale more of the harmful smoke into your lungs. Myth: 'Light' cigarettes are less bad for you. Fact: you tend to take longer and deeper drags with light cigarettes. This means that you end up inhaling just as many harmful chemicals. Myth: Smoking roll-ups is a healthier alternative. Fact: people who use roll-ups inhale higher levels of nicotine and cancer-causing chemicals.

See what happened to Julia when she tried smoking at a party to fit in:

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